Feminine, Fierce, and Fashionable: an Interview with the founder of KiraGrace

Originally published- 07/28/2021

For many years, I’ve considered myself supremely lucky to be an ambassador for KiraGrace, a woman-owned, USA-made clothing brand that creates truly beautiful yoga clothes.

A little look through my Instagram feed will show you just how big a fan I am of their clothing.

Earlier in the year, I was able to hold an interview with the founder of KiraGrace, Kira Karmazin, and I wanted to share it here with you.

Bolded questions are mine, and answers belong to Kira.

What is an early memory/fashion moment in your life that sparked your interest in fashion or clothing?

My strongest memory that sparked my interest in creating an activewear brand came from a difficult phase in my life. I’ve had a lifelong passion for yoga, and I found strength, support, and community through yoga during this specific phase.

As I came to my mat time and time again, I realized I wasn’t alone. Many women in my yoga classes were in similar boats – women going through divorces or illnesses, losing parents, losing jobs, or learning to embrace empty nests. I realized that as I stood on my mat in this space, I was surrounded by women who felt just as alone or afraid as I was.

I wanted to do something to help support women as they moved through the ups and downs of their journey. I’ve dedicated my life to the business of making women feel beautiful. The most natural step for me was to combine my work and passions to create something uplifting and beautiful.

The depth of our beauty lies hidden within our souls, but there is great power in how we dress. So I wanted to make something that mirrored the beauty I saw in each of these women and would help them harness their inner strength.

Where are some of the places you find inspiration for your designs for KiraGrace? What are some that would surprise us?

We love watching the runways for trends and inspiration. Pre-pandemic, I traveled to Paris every year to find color and print inspiration for our collections. I love discovering new, unique Parisian boutiques and second-hand stores.

This year, I have been inspired to create beautiful yet versatile pieces that transition throughout your day. My goal is to create timeless styles that are comfortable, elegant and help you feel confident and supported.

If you could spend a day inside the creative mind of one designer or artist, who would it be?

I recently watched the Michael Kors live Fall 2021 runway show. I absolutely loved not only his new collection but his creativity in adapting to the new digital landscape. New York City was my home for a good portion of my life, and it was so fun to see his designs come to life in the streets of the fashion district. If you have twenty minutes to spare, it’s a must-watch!

What percent of your days are spent in leggings?

I would say a good percentage! I try to do something active every day, whether it is a yoga class, HIIT class, or walking the dogs.

One exciting thing about the growth of our business is that we’ve expanded into so many different styles beyond yoga leggings. Some of my favorite things to wear all day long include our dresses, jumpsuits, and pants-especially the KiraGrace Cozy Boho Yoga Pant! They are all versatile and created for an active lifestyle.

What is your favorite color (if you have one) either right now or most consistently in your life?

I have found myself gravitating towards soft pinks as we enter the spring season when everything starts to bloom again. The color I’m obsessing over is our Blossom hue. This delicate feminine color reminds me of ballet slippers or the softest pink tulips.

What are some ways you envision fashion shifting in the future?

The fashion industry is ever-evolving. But as we come out of a year of shutdowns, I envision the fashion industry reemerging in new and exciting ways. I think everyone is so excited to finally get dressed up again and wear all of those styles that they’ve put on hold for so long. I’m excited to introduce our expanded line of dresses. They are made from sustainable fibers (KiraGrace Luxe). These are ultra-soft dresses, versatile enough to wear all day (and evening), and designed to flatter a range of shapes and sizes.

You have been committed to ethical manufacturing standards and to giving back for a long time. What are one or two causes that are currently drawing your attention?

One thing that is truly important to our brand is our commitment to being Made in the USA. As we expand, I continue to seek partnerships with factories and warehouses that provide a livable wage and ethical working conditions. Our lead production company has its Comp Certificate and Apparel Manufacturer Registration and license. They are an approved factory for Nike, Under Armour, Tyr, VF Crop (lucy activewear), Urban Outfitters, and more.

Our fabrics come from internationally acclaimed textile facilities that practice social responsibility. An increasing portion of our products is now made using sustainable “green” fabrics – made from organic, recycled materials.

Another cause that continues to hold a special place in my heart is the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation. We currently have two pieces, the Seva Harem Pant and the Seva Yoga Bodysuit, created in partnership with Tiffany Cruikshank and Yoga Medicine. After escaping a life of human trafficking and other social injustices, the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation funds programs to teach these girls how to live empowered lives and provide them job opportunities well above the poverty line.

kira karmazin founder of kiragrace
Kira Karmazin

Kira, thank you so much for taking the time to satisfy my curiosity. I appreciate your company’s support SO much, and am forever grateful for the opportunities. Everyone, check out KiraGrace’s stuff!

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